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Kinequus uses thermo-mouldable technology

Kinequus custom orthotic pads use an exciting technology new to the saddle pad industry. Thermo-mouldable technology is the key ingredient to ensuring the creation of an optimal, customized pad. When heated to a specific temperature these materials mould to the space between your horse and saddle, filling in all the gaps and protecting against areas of pressure. The impression is permanent once cooled.

Moulded FoamThe end result is a custom orthotic fit between the wool felt and the bottom of your saddle. The custom orthotic impression ensures an even distribution of pressure between the rigid underside of your saddle and the dynamic surface of your horse's back. The moulded material retains its ability to absorb shock over the now perfectly symmetrical surface under your saddle. These properties coupled with the assets of SAE standardized wool felt mean unsurpassed comfort for your horse, allowing for unrestricted and uninhibited movement, ride after ride.

MeshingKinequus Specialized Meshing

Meshing is a technique used in skin grafting that uses numerous strategically placed incisions, allowing remarkable surface area expansion. Kinequus has adopted this scientific technique for use in the wither area of our western pads. Meshing allows an instant fit over any wither shape, providing protection while distributing weight evenly and eliminating pressure points.

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