Acquiring A Custom Fit

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Why Kinequus Orthotic Saddle Pads?

Every saddle and every horse is different. You might get a saddle to fit your horse at one point in time, but your horse is dynamic, may gain or lose weight over time, or may not be perfectly symmetric in the first place. You may also wish to use your saddle on more than one horse. Your saddle is likely not perfectly symmetric and may have depressions and pressure points.

Sore backs resulting from saddle fit issues are one of the most common and costly problems with horses. They can impact your horse’s movement, performance, and well-being.

There is a saying that 'you can’t pad your way out of a problem.' This is very true. Adding padding only adds pressure to the pressure points, thereby making them worse. Memory foam, air and gel type pads give under pressure and are only useful for short rides as the material displaces out of the way, uncovering the original pressure points and adding new ones.

KINEQUUS custom orthotic saddle pads use a unique technology, forming a custom orthotic imprint of your saddle as it sits on an individual horse. The pad material fills in hollows and alleviate pressure areas, firming up to form a perfect 3D imprint of the space between your horses back and your saddle. This imprint also helps keep your saddle pad in place, reducing slippage and movement.

At KINEQUUS, we are excited to provide your horse the comfort it deserves so it can deliver its true unhindered performance capability.

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The Perfect Fit for Horse & Rider

How are Kinequus custom orthotic pads fitted? Available only from your veterinarian or Local Kinequus distributor, a trained Kinequus partner will be made available to ensure proper molding and fit. Whether on farm or at the veterinary clinic the partner will heat the pad of choice. Then using you and your horse and saddle combination, a perfect custom fit will be created.

Why all the fuss?

Much like the difference in getting custom orthopedic insoles from your podiatrist versus generic molded insoles from the machine at your local pharmacy, with Kinequus pads you are getting a true custom orthotic pad. This process simply cannot be made ready off the shelf or produced for ‘mass marketing.’ Our unique materials must be heated thoroughly and fitted correctly to ensure optimal performance.